Category: CMO

This is a family-oriented company descended from the discoverer of CMO, Harry Diehl. CMO is the convenient acronym for cetyl myristoleate. This family company has been marketing CMO for twenty years now. It is the only company in the world that offers forty percent cetyl myristoleate softgel. The CMO product range is essentially a natural alternative to healthcare for medical professionals and their patients.

Practitioners and patients using this natural product now know that they are also receiving highest quality medicine at a lowest price possible. Each pack of 650 mg cetylated fatty acid softgels contains 260 mg of CMO (per softgel). Interested and new users should always revert to the company’s frequently asked questions (and answers) pages for qualified advice and information on how to utilize the product and how it is designed to benefit the human body’s health.

Practitioners, prescribers and users should always take careful note of all product information. They can learn what has been included in this natural alternative medicine compound. CMO softgels are also accompanied by 260 mg molecular CMO in oil form, CMO capsules in 110 mg molecular size and CMO in powder form. The powder is found in cornstarch. There is also a CMO vegetable source found in the kombo nut.

Twenty-eight percent cetyl myristoleate can also be found in healthy olive oil. CMO products are also available for domestic pets to consume. Since the CMO products were launched, members of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association have been prescribing and using this treatment in animals. These compounds are usually provided to the animals in chewable form and include other nutrients deemed to be healthy for the animals.

The consensus is that a swing towards natural, alternative remedies for successful treatments and cures must be entertained.