Category: Gynecologist

Staying on top of your health is a way to ensure you’ll live a long and healthy life, and for women that includes visiting a gynecologist. There are is no shortage of experienced Cypress gynecologist options, but far too often women don’t know when it’s time to book an appointment. In this blog we’ll take a look at the top reasons women need to visit a gynecologist.

Not Just for Adults

It’s important to point out that a gynecologist isn’t just meant for adults, teenage girls may also need to see one. If your teenager is age 16 or older and hasn’t had her first period, or she is 14 or older and hasn’t seen any changes in her body yet – it would be wise to book an appointment.

Irregular Periods

This is among the most common reasons women go to see a gynecologist. Irregular periods could mean periods that are very long and heavy, periods that don’t follow a regular cycle, missing periods, extreme cramps, and other issues.

Problems with Urinating

It could be that you urinate more often than you used to, you feel a burning sensation, there is blood in your urine, and other issues.


If you think you are pregnant, this is another reason to schedule an appointment with the gynecologist.

Get Yourself Tested

If you suspect you may have been exposed to STD’s, the gynecologist will be able to perform the necessary tests and create a treatment plan for you. They may even be able to give you vaccinations that help to prevent the HPV virus.

Birth Control Options

For women who would like to hear about their various birth control options, the gynecologist can go over all the available methods and help you pick on that is best for you.